Rain and covid

the situation is getting worse day by day and i am sure everything would be fine very soon. Let’s fight this pendamjc together and win this war. Stay safe and away at home.

That day, the sun was sinking and the black clouds were gathering and would burst and shower at any time. we were sitting in our great big hall, with AC on and lunch going along .my brother slept ,my mother on phone and I was there on my bed with Harry Potter 4. Suddenly clouds thundered I got the idea that it would rain. Just see the weather, so cool and so sweet. An idea strikes my mind to go up and bath in rain, but the corona alarmed on the TV news channels. many cases and many death, but overall many more recoveries. I threw that Idea and went to my balcony, moving my hand into the rain and the drops strike my hand and took a break. two hours later when I went to my roof, I saw the weather sweet and cool. this weather has got all my love and all my attention, and I would prefer to have rain every day. I sat on the roof giving in some good vibes. I wanted to be there for the whole evening and I wanted that the day should stop and this weather goes on forever. but no! it was dark now and hot night with mosquito bites. The day was plesent but the night was horrible.

By Riya

Hi! I am Riya and I am currently a student and I love writing small poems, stories etc.


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