Our bond

#friends forever

Our friendship is special,
you make me, when with me.
you make me laugh when I cry,
and stand with me when I am shy.

I came alone on this planet,
but will take along when I go.
Our sweet, cute and never-ending,
Lovely, kiddish friendship.

you are also very annoying,
you cry at very little things.
but I am lucky to have you with me,
like a little cute girlfriend.

Festivals and cousins(poem).

Festive season with festive vibes,
my cousins arrived with faces bright.
two sisters and many brothers,
coming along and sitting together.

We ate, talked and laughed together ,
living these moments like before never.
now all the families sitting together,
Laughing and laughing like never before.

the tears rolling down my cheeks,
not crying But laughing aloud.
am the youngest in all my cousins,
their talks are out of my mind .

but those moments were very special,
I was laughing without any reason.
now I feel that I am grown up,
to talk with them and exploring moments.


A smile is quite a funny thing,
it wrinkles up your face.
and when it is gone ,
you will never find its secret Hidden Place.

but far more wonderful it is,
to see what Smiles can do.
you smile at one,
he Smiles at you,
and so one smile makes two.

Pre-Christmas vibes(poem)

24th December and Christmas is here,
lights and smiles all in the air.
wish list is kept in every other sock,
tied to the Rope next to the door.

I didn’t close the door,
to let Santa come inside.
he might be sad or might even cry,
to see all the doors completely closed.

next morning when I woke up,
and saw my gift lying on the floor.
the door was open and floor was wet,
Oh! I knew it rained last night.

They were footprints on the floor,
wet and wide near the door.
I found a note kept on the wall.
It read; Santa came along.

Another try of a poem!

Open your eyes, see the sky,
That shooting star is no more mine.
But I will not cry, I’ll go ahead,
That’s my wish to not let it spread.
mask on face and gloves in hand,
that’s the way to stop it spread.
give it a try don’t be shy
it’s for you and the world under sky.
don’t be in fear and don’t spend the fear,
get up and see it’s a nightmare!

Comment and tell what do you think of my poetry skills.😅🤷‍♀️

My first poem!

A horrible year, with terrible fear
And no one near, only the tears.
Wake up and see, where you are
You have the keys, open your car.
Go for a drive, live for a night
Full of fear and no one near.
Give it a gear, leave your fear
That’s no one else, only yourself.
Click some pics, go for some drinks,
Pinch your cheeks, oh! that’s your dream