My day 3 in kashmir

This was my last day in kashmir,gulmarg. And me and my dad had a plan to go up in the hills. So we took our car which our hotel management booked for us. We went there in the car and the view was just…..m speechless

Just look at it

This was something I never saw in my 16 years of life.

Now we planned to go in a village above that place. That place was “bhuta patri”. We went there on a horse and it was so satisfying. The horse was moving thik..thik…thik..

I made a video of there…visit it here


We had a tea there with the kashmiri family. People there were really sweet and kind. When we went down again near our car, we ordered Maggi and sat beside that water coming. That person fooled us by giving us yippee instead of Maggi. But no problem,the view took all our attention towards it.

Now we were to leave the next day so we went on our rooms and packed our bags and after doing a little work of our own, my dad and me went to the dinner hall and came back tired. We slept and next day I woke up with a video call of my mother.

I was not willing to leave that place and so was my dad. We left very sad and after reaching the airport we waited for more than 2 hours and then left for Delhi. We reached home in the evening and we were so tired that we slept early that day after talking to mom and brother.

This was my whole journey of 5 days which was very very interesting, adventurous and I wish to go back there again in winters. I also prefer u guys to visit India and kashmir. It’s a natural beauty here.

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My day 2 in kashmir

In the morning we woke up and got ready quickly as we were going to gulmarg today. I thought it would have snow there. But no! It was more than that. I realised that if it would have snow here so I could not have been able to see this beautiful scenery.

Natural beauty

Me and my father were just walking up on the hills without any stress or tension. We were free to go wherever we want. We went a long distance walking and walking. It was a jaw-dropping view. I loved that view😷.

When we went back to the hills,people served us a special drink of kashmir. That was the famous “kashmiri kahwa”.

Kashmiri kahwa

It tasted sweet….very sweet🤣.

We had no idea where we will be going next. But ya! That was a truly life time experience. After eating our Indian style Maggi and having lunch, we left for our room and rested out there.

Next morning we stayed at out hotel room only because I had my school viva that day.( I had to study). But if we stay at our room only than what’s the fun in coming so far. At lunch me and my father went for lunch out of the restaurant.

We walked 1.6 km and reached there. Then again walked 1.6 km to hotel. My father gave our walk a terrific name…trekking. yeah! actually it was trekking. Hills and downs slopes were fun to walk.

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My Day 1 at srinagar

On 2nd July 2021, it was 9 at night at during the family gossip my father asked if I m free and ready for the trip. Actually he had a promise with me that after my 10th boards we would go for a trip. My father also told me that one of this friend’s invited him to jammu-kashmir. I was really excited to go somewhere after 2 years of this pendamic.

I agreed for the trip and he asked me to bring my tab to book the flight tickets. I was not sure if he was serious or just kidding with me. But yes, he booked the tickets for the next morning and we slept at 12 at night after finalizing the hotel and flight.

Next morning we packed our bags and booked the cab. My mother was not well at that time so she and my elder brother stayed at home. Now we were at the airport and sat on our ✈️

On clouds☁️🌫

We reached srinagar..yeahhhh!🏔⛰🥳🥶

At srinagar

We stayed at our hotel and our windows opened towards the most famous DAL LAKE. It was so good.

Dal lake🥶

That evening me and my father just walked near the dal lake. I forgot my every stress and fear and just enjoyed the view. near that we got our restaurant and the view was soo satisfying that I was not willing to get up from there. We ate kulfi there. Seriously, this day went amazing. Now we were planning for gulmarg.

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