Rain and covid

the situation is getting worse day by day and i am sure everything would be fine very soon. Let’s fight this pendamjc together and win this war. Stay safe and away at home.

That day, the sun was sinking and the black clouds were gathering and would burst and shower at any time. we were sitting in our great big hall, with AC on and lunch going along .my brother slept ,my mother on phone and I was there on my bed with Harry Potter 4. Suddenly clouds thundered I got the idea that it would rain. Just see the weather, so cool and so sweet. An idea strikes my mind to go up and bath in rain, but the corona alarmed on the TV news channels. many cases and many death, but overall many more recoveries. I threw that Idea and went to my balcony, moving my hand into the rain and the drops strike my hand and took a break. two hours later when I went to my roof, I saw the weather sweet and cool. this weather has got all my love and all my attention, and I would prefer to have rain every day. I sat on the roof giving in some good vibes. I wanted to be there for the whole evening and I wanted that the day should stop and this weather goes on forever. but no! it was dark now and hot night with mosquito bites. The day was plesent but the night was horrible.

Save her



this is a very sensitive issue of our society and now its becoming harsh day by day cause the girls are facing such issue till date. Every male persona should be aware of the issues faced by their wives,daughters, mothers and sister and all.

Women’s, the most important part of our society. One could not get food, kids, love, peace and over it a family without women. A girl is raped cause of Innocence. A woman is abused by her in-laws and listen everything patiently just because she wants a family and she is bounded with her parents’ life and adequate. Every girl has her own life and right to live it in a respectful manner. women are looking forward towards entrepreneurship. A single woman can now Run her house and feed her kids. She just needs a little freedom and support of the near and dear ones. Every girl should be given equal education and freedom and treated equally. Many girls are losing their life just because they don’t have proper facilities of sanitary napkins and they use cloth instead of it. Which causes infection and the life is ended. These basic facilities can help her. Every boy, brother, husband, father must be aware of all the basic need of the women of the house. males should respect them and before playing with a girl’s life he should be aware that he also has a sister/mother at his home who could face it the same way he did with one girl. So, boys should also be protective towards them. Every girl deserves freedom and can’t move ahead in her life if she is unable to stand on her own feet and allowed to fly.

                                          #Save girls, #respect girls

Broken dreams.

Patty, a milkmaid milked her cow and had two full pails of fresh, creamy milk. She put both pails of milk on a stick and set off to the market to sell the milk. As she took steps towards the market, her thoughts took steps towards wealth. On her way, she kept thinking about the money she would make from selling the milk. Then she thought about what she would do with that money.She was talking to herself and said, “Once I get the
money, I’ll buy a chicken. The chicken will lay eggs and I will get more chickens. They’ll all lay eggs, and I will sell them for more money. Then, I’ll buy the house on the hill and everyone will envy me.” She was very happy that soon she would be very rich. With these happy thoughts, she marched ahead. But suddenly, she tripped and fell. Both the pails of the milk fell and all her dreams were shattered. The milk spilt onto the ground, and all
Patty could do was cry. “No more dream,” she cried foolishly

Comment down below and tell us what lesson did u learn from this story.

The journey begins.

Having a friend to listen to your problems and discuss them with you is the beginning of finding a solution.

Did you know? That our silent presence can be more powerful than a million empty word. Comment down your views and tell.

Following blindly like sheep can lead us astray. Making choices in life is like buying something at a shopping Mall. the Sales assistant may us all the products available, telling us the pros and cons of each of them, but we must make the choice in the end. the Final decision in our responsibility.

We are all stuck,we all have a journey to complete,and we all have a destination.

There is a traffic jam within our minds. And that Traffic jam is stopping each one of us from reaching our true potential. Imagine if we knew how to clear this distruption.no fumes of insecurity causing us to cough, no one honking at us, distracting us from what’s important and plenty of fuel to sustain us so that we can live a life worth living.

Comment down ur thoughts on this. I would be happy to know them.

My 10th result.

It was 28th July when I got to know that 12th results will be declared tomorrow and I was so excited to listen that because it would give me an idea that how much will I also get. It was not my result but the excitement was the same. I sat at 2 pm on 29th July and searched the whole YouTube and got a live stream which was showing students results live.

Oh my God! That was ridiculous. Just see the results. They were so bad. Students scored very less. And later I got a other news from my friend that few children were favored and given higher and more marks. I was scared because I didn’t have soooo good connection with my teachers.

Now it’s 3rd August and it was 10 in the morning when the news arrived that “cbse class 10th results to be declared today at 12 noon”. I was running out of anxiety and lack of confidence. My mother was saying me not to worry, but students would understand that situation that occurs on result day.

Let’s see what the result would be..stay connected to know my percentage and CGPA.

My first compition


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Question and answers👇

  1. If you could only read 1 book for the rest of your life, which book would it be?
    • That book would be “the alchemist” or “who ate my cheese”. As these are the best non fictional books I love the most and if u talk about fictional books so those are “how to win friends and influence people”
  2. You is the one who respects you more than you respect her/him
    • Those lovely people are my elder cousins and my own elder brother who loves menthe most than anyone. And they usually call me with respectful names.
  3. What is the thing you hate about the world?
    • I hate that people are getting selfish now a days and instead of helping that try to pull others down.
  4. Why have you ever cried?
    • I have cried…ummm…I think I have got a bad memory…I don’t remember.
  5. Who had really given you the help you needed when you started blogging?
    • My elder sibling gave me those help and slowly my parents also got familiar with my work and now I m working myself.
  6. If you could only talk to one person who would it be?
    • Actually..firstly it’s not possible and next thing that I m not an extrovert and more of a introvert so I try to talk…but u know…it takes time. So I want someone who is very close to me.
  7. Who are the ones you don’t want to live without?
    • My parents and my sibling.
  8. Who do you think, truly cares for you?
    • My family.
  9. Is there a blogger, who you have met in real life?
    • Yes, my own friend.
  10. Would you like to write books or would you read books?
    • I would love to give a try to write a book and reading is of course my favorite.

My questions

1) who is the one in ur life whom u love more than anyone?

2)which is ur favorite book which u want others to also read?(tell both fictional and non fictional).

3) a movies which u have watched many times and can watch again for 10 times with the same emotions and suspence?

4)ur favorite character in Harry potter(I hope u know it).

5)favorite part of Harry potter(tell the name with no of part)

Our bond

#friends forever

Our friendship is special,
you make me, when with me.
you make me laugh when I cry,
and stand with me when I am shy.

I came alone on this planet,
but will take along when I go.
Our sweet, cute and never-ending,
Lovely, kiddish friendship.

you are also very annoying,
you cry at very little things.
but I am lucky to have you with me,
like a little cute girlfriend.

My day 3 in kashmir

This was my last day in kashmir,gulmarg. And me and my dad had a plan to go up in the hills. So we took our car which our hotel management booked for us. We went there in the car and the view was just…..m speechless

Just look at it

This was something I never saw in my 16 years of life.

Now we planned to go in a village above that place. That place was “bhuta patri”. We went there on a horse and it was so satisfying. The horse was moving thik..thik…thik..

I made a video of there…visit it here


We had a tea there with the kashmiri family. People there were really sweet and kind. When we went down again near our car, we ordered Maggi and sat beside that water coming. That person fooled us by giving us yippee instead of Maggi. But no problem,the view took all our attention towards it.

Now we were to leave the next day so we went on our rooms and packed our bags and after doing a little work of our own, my dad and me went to the dinner hall and came back tired. We slept and next day I woke up with a video call of my mother.

I was not willing to leave that place and so was my dad. We left very sad and after reaching the airport we waited for more than 2 hours and then left for Delhi. We reached home in the evening and we were so tired that we slept early that day after talking to mom and brother.

This was my whole journey of 5 days which was very very interesting, adventurous and I wish to go back there again in winters. I also prefer u guys to visit India and kashmir. It’s a natural beauty here.

Stay connected to listen about the Left over fun in next blog…

Festivals and cousins(poem).

Festive season with festive vibes,
my cousins arrived with faces bright.
two sisters and many brothers,
coming along and sitting together.

We ate, talked and laughed together ,
living these moments like before never.
now all the families sitting together,
Laughing and laughing like never before.

the tears rolling down my cheeks,
not crying But laughing aloud.
am the youngest in all my cousins,
their talks are out of my mind .

but those moments were very special,
I was laughing without any reason.
now I feel that I am grown up,
to talk with them and exploring moments.

My day 2 in kashmir

In the morning we woke up and got ready quickly as we were going to gulmarg today. I thought it would have snow there. But no! It was more than that. I realised that if it would have snow here so I could not have been able to see this beautiful scenery.

Natural beauty

Me and my father were just walking up on the hills without any stress or tension. We were free to go wherever we want. We went a long distance walking and walking. It was a jaw-dropping view. I loved that view😷.

When we went back to the hills,people served us a special drink of kashmir. That was the famous “kashmiri kahwa”.

Kashmiri kahwa

It tasted sweet….very sweet🤣.

We had no idea where we will be going next. But ya! That was a truly life time experience. After eating our Indian style Maggi and having lunch, we left for our room and rested out there.

Next morning we stayed at out hotel room only because I had my school viva that day.( I had to study). But if we stay at our room only than what’s the fun in coming so far. At lunch me and my father went for lunch out of the restaurant.

We walked 1.6 km and reached there. Then again walked 1.6 km to hotel. My father gave our walk a terrific name…trekking. yeah! actually it was trekking. Hills and downs slopes were fun to walk.

Stay connected to listen about our next days experience.